Some of the most beautiful trails in the eastern United States.


The North Salem Bridle Trails Association maintains and develops the historic system of trails which extends and connects more than one hundred miles of trails in the towns of North Salem and Ridgefield, CT.  The NSBTA works to stimulate the interest of the community in the preservation of “horse country” and of our unique rural character.  We enjoy some of the most beautiful trails in the eastern United States.

Please remember, our landowners require ALL RIDERS on their private properties be current NSBTA members.

Also, NO WALKERS are allowed on Private Property!

Heads Up!


CROSS-COUNTRY JUMPING IS OPTIONAL!  As many of you know, NSBTA members now have access to many new trails and jumps, especially in the Vail Lane area.  We take this opportunity to remind you that jumping can be dangerous.  Some of the jumps are designed for use by advanced riders and horses only.  You must know your own abilities and limitations and those of your horse and stay within your zone of safety.  This is your responsibility as a rider and member of NSBTA.  No one else is responsible for your decisions.  If you do choose to jump, please remember,

ABSOLUTELY NO SCHOOLING IS ALLOWED!  Also, please remember, DO NOT RIDE through the middle of any of the fields unless there is a mowed path.

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Support the NSBTA

Only by including in its membership all persons who use the trails can NSBTA effectively communicate its goals and fund the necessary equipment and personnel to maintain the trails. Our continued success in these endeavors and the maintenance of the trail network is dependent upon your financial support.

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