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Membership Categories

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You do not have to be a rider to support our organization.  We count on those of you who appreciate how horseback riding benefits the community by encouraging open space.  Thank you in advance!


Attention Trail Riders

NSBTA Members OnlyWith the exception of Town property, conservation land and roads, our trail system is made up entirely of Private Property. Trail riding in North Salem and adjacent land depends on the cooperation of our Landowners. Everyone MUST be a member of NSBTA to ride on the trails! We can continue to enjoy our trails only if ALL RIDERS follow a few common sense rules and use good, safe and respectful judgement on the trails.


NSBTA Terms of Membership

  • NSBTA member in good standing.
  • Protective headgear is required.
  • Be considerate and courteous at all times.
  • No dogs allowed on trails at any time.
  • No wheeled or motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed on trails.
  • No smoking on trails.
  • Always ride on the edge of fields, not through the center, unless otherwise marked.
  • No schooling over jumps. Our landowners generously allow us to jump fences on their property as we pass through but they do not allow lessons to be taught without permission.
  • NSBTA reminds you that jumping is optional and can be dangerous.  Some of the jumps are designed for use by advanced riders and horses only.  You must know your own abilities and limitations and those of your horse.  Stay within your zone of safety as this is your responsibility as a rider and member of NSBTA.
  • Stay out of wet areas and walk if you end up in a wet section. If a trail is wet and near a house or groomed property, do not use it. Treat others’ property as your own.
  • Respect the privacy of landowners whenever passing through property close to their homes. Stay on the trail and walk if passing near barns, rings or paddocks. Please do not ride on lawns or approach residences. Be alert for distractions.
  • On roads, ride single file and move to the side for passing cars. Thank drivers when they are courteous enough to reduce their speed. If they don’t reduce their speed, give them a friendly wave and hopefully they will slow down the next time!
  • Obey signs and other restrictions on trail use.
  • Never gallop toward or away from a horse or a group of horses. Ask permission to pass and do so by overtaking gradually. Ask permission to trot away.
  • In consideration of your use and enjoyment of the trails, you agree to assume all risks associated with trail riding and agree to hold harmless the NSBTA (including its officers, directors and contractors) and the landowners against any injury that may occur to you and your horse.


Any questions? Email us at


Your membership enables the NSBTA to effectively communicate its goals and fund the necessary equipment and personnel to maintain our trail network. Our continued success in these endeavors and the maintenance of the trail network is dependent upon your financial support.