Exercise Class For Riders!

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These are some of the many attributes we strive for and work to improve in our horses. What if our horses could talk? What qualities would they hope to improve in their human partners? Might they appreciate a suppler and following seat, increased core strength, greater flexibility, alignment and balance?


The Mane Barre Studio galloped into Union Hall in North Salem this September, delivering a fitness experience for both riders and non-riders. Simone Gell is the founder and teacher of classes at The Mane Barre Studio. As an educated Dressage rider and Dancer, her classes are designed to heighten students’ performance in the equestrian sports. By drawing analogies between exercise and riding, Simone is able to help her students connect work in the studio to work in the saddle.


The class focuses on unlocking and increasing range of motion in the hips and spine, core strengthening, building long and lean muscles, increasing bone density, developing flexibility and balance, and improving posture. Simultaneous engagement and relaxation of muscle groups are emphasized, a coordination skill required to initiate an aid on one side of the horse while remaining quiet on the other.


A Mane Barre class is a full body workout targeting arms, thighs, glutes and abs through a series of small movements designed to get deep into muscle in order to build strength and flexibility without bulk. Motivating music accompanies students through challenging exercises. Stretch and balance sequences are interspersed throughout the hour leaving students with a deep sense of accomplishment and a calm feeling of well-being.


For more information on both The Mane Barre Studio Class as well The Mane Barre Studio Alignment Class for You and Your Horse, visit Themanebarrestudio.com and/or contact Simone Gell at manebarrestudio@gmail.com