Trail Wardens


Our fearless leader!

Mike Chaves

914-669-5426 or

Gaymark to Dingle Ridge Road and on to Surrey Lane and Stanton’s


Roger Nitkin

914-485-1254 or

Territory:Hunt Lane through River Horse to Hill Top


Sandy Holden

Contact: 347-865-1102 or

Territory: Hardscrabble Road from Star Ridge Road through Bridleside, Red Horse Farm and Darlington Hall.


Laura Evans

Contact: 914-419-8455 or

Co-Warden with Sandy Holden



Yolanda Knowlton

Contact: 914-669-1171 or

Territory: Finch Road area in North Salem and Ridgefield, CT



Debbie Higgins

Contact: 203-431-7737 or

Territory: Mopus Bridge Road up through lower Stantons  and Alligator Farm


Ashley Yozzo

Contact: 914-669-9622 or

Territory: Bloomerside


John Antolotti

Version 2Contact: 516-524–9570 or

Territory: Meadow Lane area up to Salem Golf Course and over to Monomoy Farm



Leslie Moss

Contact: 914-588-0711 or

Territory: Trails from Norton Road up the hill to Vail Farm



Alison Estabrook

Contact: 914-275-5671 or

Territory: Trails from the bottom of Hilltop, behind Vox and over to Keeler Lane


Charlotte Harris

Contact: 914-649-6701 or

Territory: Ridgebury Farm including wooded trails that border Grand Central Farm


Version 2

Klaus Selmyr

Contact: 914-643-1997 or

Territory: Waccabuc up through Chapel Lane to Turkey Hill Road



Rhys Moore

Contact: 203-650-1187 or

Territory: Windswept Woods to the Vineyards and Orchards


Rebecca Bose

Contact: 914-217-5969 or

Territory: Turkey Hill area


Aimee Brisson

Contact: 518-222-3993 or

Territory: Grant’s Corner to Turkey Hill and NSOLF Halmi/Mead Preserve


Rose Goldfine

Contact: 914-391-2124 or

Territory:  NSOLF Baxter Preserve

David Goldring

Contact: 347-680-2295

Territory: Hardscrabble Road