Trail Alerts


Please do not trot or canter up Vail Lane when there are people using their outdoor ring.  The same holds true if you are passing paddocks on anyone’s property when there are horses turned out.


The ground wasps have been really bad this year. We just heard of a nest on a trail off the driveway across from Stony Creek Farm.  There are temporary signs warning riders but it’s impossible to know where they are until it’s too late!  If you disturb a nest on the trails and your horse is getting stung, go through brush to get them off your horse’s stomach/legs.  Probably wouldn’t hurt to carry a fly whisk too….

New Trails

Thanks to 8 landowners coming together, we have finally found a safer solution for riders to cross Rt. 116 from Hunt Lane.  We are building the trail and will keep you posted as soon as it’s done.  Our former board member, Kyle Van Splinter, has been a huge help with getting permission from some of the landowners.

Working with and coordinating five landowners, we have cleared a new trail that goes from Three-Phase Equestrian center, behind the landowners’ properties and connects with the NSOLF Gaymark Preserve.  Trail markers are in place.  It’s a beautiful loop.

Another great trail will help out our southern neighbors near Grants Corners.  You can now cross over to the west side of June Road and head back to connect with our Turkey Hill trails.  All the new farms on Grant Road now have access without having to spend any time on busy roads.  There is also a beautiful trail in the works behind these home that will allow riders to go from Grant’s Corner to the Halmi, Hearst-Mead Preserves of the NSOLF and over to Mt. Lakes Park.  We now have a huge loop where a rider can go from Baxter to Turkey Hill, over to Grant’s Corners, up to NSOLF land, back around by the firehouse to Baxter where you began!

NSBTA and GBH have opened up a large section of one of the old trail systems. The easiest way to access this area is from Joe Bohrdrum Park. There is a very large parking lot which makes this a nice trailer destination. Once you are tacked up and ready to go, proceed down the gravel service road that bisects the park and head northeast into the woods. The trails are not well marked yet but we are working on it. Eventually, we hope to clear the trails that meander along the ridge, parallel to Rt. 116, and connect to our trails in the orchards and Audubon.

On the other side of the park, cross the road (Sunset Drive) and proceed south for about 50 yards until you see the NSBTA trail marker. Head into the woods. In this area the trails are well marked. It is a network that winds through the woods behind the nursing home and ends up in back of the restaurant, Farmer and the Fish.

Vail Lane – Stanton’s Property

The Stanton Property on Vail Lane is under new ownership. NSBTA riders are the only ones allowed to ride on the paths around the fields and on the trails in the woods. No walkers. The new owners are adamant about no one on foot with or without dogs. It is private property and they only allow riders.

North Salem Vineyards

As some of you may know, the old North Salem Vineyard property has recently changed hands. For the first time in years, NSBTA riders are allowed on some of their trails. The property has a new road/track that goes around the perimeter. NSBTA riders are only allowed to ride on clearly marked sections of this path. There are trail markers as well as signs showing where riders are allowed. PLEASE stay on the marked trails!!! Any questions,  email Thanks!

NSBTA & Landowners Working Together

Willow Farm had allowed an access to NSBTA members next to their paddocks for many years but the section was quite wet.  Horses were damaging their property and they closed the trail.  We worked with them to find a new area where we could build a trail and it’s finished.  Many thanks to them for being flexible allowing NSBTA to find a solution!

White Barn – Now “Avalon Farm”

ATTENTION ALL RIDERS: The NSBTA has removed this property from our trail system. If you would like to ride through, you must ask for and receive specific permission from the owners. It is accessed from Dingle Ridge Road. If you have any questions, please email